Health Conference Warns of Nicotine Poisoning from E-cigarettes

Health Conference Warns of Nicotine Poisoning from E-cigarettes
Saudi Arabia's first healthcare conference warns e-cigarette liquid can cause nicotine poisoning and cancer, urging tighter anti-smoking laws.

The first Riyadh Health Conference, affiliated with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, has issued a warning stating that the liquids used in electronic cigarettes may lead to nicotine poisoning.

The conference stated in a tweet on Twitter that "the liquid used in e-cigarettes may cause nicotine poisoning" and explained that "health symptoms caused by nicotine poisoning include vomiting, sweating, dizziness, drowsiness, difficulty breathing, and palpitations.

Recent research warns that electronic cigarettes may trigger cancer cells and potentially lead to a new wave of cancer within a decade.

Saudi Arabia has implemented stricter anti-smoking laws in recent years with the goal of reducing tobacco consumption to approximately 5% of the population by 2030, down from the current limit of 12% based on 2019 statistics.

According to the global anti-smoking website "Da Tobacco Atlas," the number of smokers in Saudi Arabia has decreased by 37% between 2016 and 2020.

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