Illegal Sale of Disguised E-cigarettes in vietnamese schools.

Illegal Sale of Disguised E-cigarettes in vietnamese schools.
vietnamese schools news warns of e-cigarette smuggling disguised as toys and normal packaging, violating Vietnam's anti-smuggling laws.

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On June 5th, the Vietnamese Labor newspaper released a video report titled "Electronic Cigarettes and Counterfeit Products Sold in Schools". According to the report, despite Vietnam's ban on electronic cigarette products, smuggled e-cigarettes are being disguised as fun toys and sold in shops near schools.


2FIRSTS discovered through its video that in addition to some attractive "disguised" electronic cigarettes, there are also "normal" packaged electronic cigarette products, including products with the RELX, SMOK, aspire, OXVA and other brand names printed on the packaging.


In the video, an exquisite and adorable packaged electronic cigarette product is seen. Source: Vietnamese Labor Newspaper.


The video features a line of attractively packaged and adorable e-cigarette products. Image source: Vietnam's "Labor Newspaper".


The products and display cases marked with the "RELX Yueke" logo featured in the video | Image source: Vietnamese Labor newspaper.


The video depicted products labeled with "OXVA" and display cabinets or counters featuring drawings labeled with "aspire" | Image source: Vietnamese Labor Newspaper.


The promotional guide featuring the "OXVA" logo seen in the video | Image source: Vietnam Labor Newspaper


In the video, employees wearing T-shirts with the word "SMOK" are seen cooperating with law enforcement personnel. | Image source: Vietnamese "Labor Newspaper".


The video showcases a product box with the "aspire" name and a vaping product as seen in the photo source from the Vietnamese publication "Labor News".


Related Policy:


The Vietnamese government has not given new tobacco products legal status under the law. According to the tobacco control law currently in place in Vietnam - the Tobacco Harm Prevention and Control Law (published in 2021), tobacco is defined as products made entirely or partially of tobacco ingredients, including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, pipes, or other forms. The law specifies that tobacco use refers to smoking, chewing, sniffing, inhaling, or sucking tobacco products, but it is not clear whether this provision includes e-cigarettes.


However, the business practices of the new generation tobacco companies are categorized as smuggling in Vietnam, as they do not possess the necessary permits to operate. Therefore, selling these products in the market is in violation of Vietnam's Anti-Smuggling Law.




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