Industry Solution: E-cigarette Recycling Program

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Industry Solution: E-cigarette Recycling Program
Swiss foundation Sens has reached an agreement with suppliers to collect and recycle used e-cigarettes in Switzerland.

According to swissinfo on August 24th, the sales of e-cigarettes have seen a significant increase in recent years. Recently, the Swiss Sens Foundation has reached an agreement with suppliers on industry solutions, relying on "e-cigarette recycling bags" to collect and recycle e-cigarettes.


Sales point operators collect e-cigarettes and send them to the Sens Foundation. Smokers themselves can also freely submit used e-cigarettes at Sens collection points. The locations of these recycling points are displayed on an internet map.


More than half of e-cigarette manufacturers, importers, and distributors have already signed access contracts for the industry's proposed solution. The costs associated with the collection, transportation, and recycling of e-cigarettes will be covered by the pre-paid recycling amount.


The aim of this initiative is to achieve a 50% recycling rate for e-cigarettes. The foundation believes that currently, the majority of e-cigarettes end up being discarded in trash bins.


According to the Sen Foundation, e-cigarettes are classified as electrical devices, and are therefore subject to the regulations of the "Regulations on the Return, Recycling, and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment." As a result, the industry is obligated to collect all types of used e-cigarettes.




A sector-specific solution for recycling e-cigarettes has been developed.


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