Irish Deputy Prime Minister Calls for Ban on Disposable e-cigarettes

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Irish Deputy Prime Minister Calls for Ban on Disposable e-cigarettes
Irish Deputy Prime Minister, Micheál Martin, calls for a complete ban on disposable e-cigarettes to crack down on the industry.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, an Irish deputy prime minister, Micheál Martin, has called for a complete ban on disposable e-cigarettes in order to drastically crackdown on this industry.


This appeal comes after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak considers banning disposable e-cigarettes to protect children's health. Martin strongly expressed his disdain for the e-cigarette industry and hopes that the Irish government will consider implementing a similar prohibition.


Despite the Irish government having passed laws prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to individuals below the age of 18, the trend of young people using these devices continues to rise, primarily due to the affordability and wide range of flavors offered by disposable e-cigarettes. Last month, a new law came into effect, further strengthening the age restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes.


Martin criticized the marketing tactics of e-cigarette companies, accusing them of using various flavors and colors to attract children. He believes that these companies have not thoroughly examined the impact of their products on children and calls for a more in-depth health analysis of e-cigarettes.


He expressed his strong disapproval of e-cigarettes, stating, "I am extremely disgusted by e-cigarettes. Having them placed next to candy at the counters is already tempting, and now they come in various flavors. It is clear that their target audience is children." Martin welcomes any measures aimed at cracking down on the e-cigarette industry, as he is shocked by the increasing number of young people turning to e-cigarettes and emphasizes that they appear to have become a substitute for traditional tobacco.


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