Israel Mulls Banning E-Cigarette Marketing

Israel Mulls Banning E-Cigarette Marketing
Israel's Ministry of Health discusses potential e-cigarette marketing ban following a 300% increase in teen vaping and health concerns.

Israel's Ministry of Health is considering a ban on the marketing of electronic cigarettes due to the alarming rise in teenage vaping and recent health concerns. Senior ministry officials stated that they are examining several options, including banning e-cigarette marketing entirely, prohibiting the marketing of flavored e-cigarettes, or requiring graphic warning images on packaging. These measures are being considered in response to a 300% increase in electronic cigarette usage among teenagers aged 12 to 14 over the past year.


The Ministry of Health's deliberations follow a similar decision by the World Health Organization and come after recent incidents in Israel involving e-cigarette-related health issues.


Officials have announced that all options under consideration will be thoroughly examined for their effectiveness and legal feasibility. Studies have shown that children are more influenced by graphic visuals than by lectures or speeches explaining the health risks of smoking.

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