Juul Pays $15.7 Million to Indiana Over Underage Sales

Juul Pays $15.7 Million to Indiana Over Underage Sales
Juul pays $15.7m to Indiana to resolve accusations of marketing electronic cigarettes to minors.

US Attorney General Todd Rokita has announced that Juul will pay over $15.7 million to the state of Indiana to settle accusations of intentionally marketing electronic cigarettes to minors. Indiana is one of 32 states participating in the agreement, which requires Juul Labs to pay nearly $435 million.

The funds received by the state of Indiana will be used for prevention, education, harm reduction, and mitigation efforts related to electronic cigarettes and youth.

Juul has the option to make payments over a period of 6 to 10 years, with the total amount increasing the longer the payment term. If Juul chooses the 10-year option, the state of Indiana will receive over $17.1 million. The first payment of $1,478,665 (approximately RMB 10.3 million) to Indiana has been scheduled to arrive by December 31, 2022. Any additional payments must be made by December 31 of each subsequent year.

Juul Labs has announced that it has resolved over 5,000 lawsuits involving more than 10,000 individual plaintiffs.

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