JUUL Plans to Cut 250 Employees to Reduce Costs

JUUL Plans to Cut 250 Employees to Reduce Costs
JUUL plans to cut around 250 employees, reducing total staff to approximately 650, in order to reduce operating costs.

According to a report from Reuters citing The Wall Street Journal, JUUL is planning to lay off approximately 250 employees, reducing its workforce to around 650 people. Last year, the company had already laid off around 400 employees and implemented cost-cutting measures of 30% to 40% in order to prevent bankruptcy.

According to the spokesperson from JUUL, this round of layoffs is expected to reduce operating costs by $225 million.

In the past year, JUUL has also faced pressure and had to deal with legal lawsuits related to the marketing of e-cigarettes. In April of this year, the company agreed to pay $462 million to settle accusations from six US states including New York and California, as well as the District of Columbia, that it illegally sold addictive products to minors.

In addition, Altria has stated that its subsidiary NJOY has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. International Trade Commission to seek a ban on the importation and sale of JUUL products.

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