Latest Research on Adult E-Cigarette Usage in the UK

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Latest Research on Adult E-Cigarette Usage in the UK
The Smoking and Health Action Organization release a report outlining the latest findings on adult e-cigarette usage in the UK.

According to a report from Planet of the Vapes on August 10th, the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) organization in the UK has released a briefing summarizing its latest research findings on e-cigarettes among adults in the country. The report analyzes the behaviors and preferences of adults towards e-cigarettes. The data reveals that by 2023, there will be 4.7 million e-cigarette users in the UK, with 50% using refillable devices, 31% using disposable ones, and 17% opting for pod systems.


According to survey data, the proportion of people in the UK using e-cigarettes this year reached a record high of 9.1%, equivalent to around 4.7 million adults. Among them, 2.7 million people (56%) have successfully quit smoking traditional cigarettes, while 1.7 million people (37%) still continue to smoke traditional cigarettes. Approximately 320,000 individuals (1.1%) are currently enthusiasts of e-cigarettes. Interestingly, 6.7% of e-cigarette users have never smoked traditional cigarettes.


According to traditional cigarette users who have switched to e-cigarettes, the main reasons for using e-cigarettes are as follows: 31% believe that e-cigarettes can help them quit smoking, 22% use e-cigarettes as a preventive measure to avoid relapse, 14% enjoy the experience of using e-cigarettes, and 12% use e-cigarettes to save money. The main reasons for traditional cigarette smokers to use e-cigarettes are: 19% want to reduce their smoking habit, 17% seek assistance in quitting smoking, and 13% use e-cigarettes to prevent relapse. Among those who have never smoked traditional cigarettes and choose e-cigarettes, the main reasons are as follows: 39% simply enjoy the experience of using e-cigarettes, and 27% are only trying it out.


According to the survey data, the most commonly used type of e-cigarette device is still the refillable device, with 50% of e-cigarette users reporting it as their primary device. In 2022, the usage rate of disposable e-cigarettes among UK adults stood at 15%, which is projected to double to 31% in 2023, indicating a significant year-on-year growth. Additionally, 17% of e-cigarette users reported using pod-based e-cigarettes.


The usage of disposable e-cigarettes is rapidly increasing among young adults aged 18-24. By 2023, over half (57%) of e-cigarette users will consider disposable e-cigarettes as their primary choice.


Currently, the majority of adults use nicotine concentrations below 13 milligrams per milliliter. However, 1.2% of e-cigarette users exceed the legal limit of 20 milligrams per milliliter in their e-liquid. Additionally, 13% of users are unaware of the strength of the e-liquid they are using.


Research also indicates reasons why smokers have not tried using e-cigarettes: 1.8 million (27%) of smokers have not yet tried e-cigarettes; 20% of individuals stated that they do not want to replace one addiction with another; 9.0% of individuals mentioned they do not have a nicotine addiction and do not need help quitting smoking; 14% expressed concerns regarding the safety of e-cigarettes; 13% stated that they do not believe e-cigarettes can assist them in quitting or reducing smoking; and 8.4% mentioned they lack sufficient knowledge about e-cigarettes.




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