Man Arrested for Putting E-Cigarette in Baby's Mouth in Malaysia

Man Arrested for Putting E-Cigarette in Baby's Mouth in Malaysia
A Malaysian man was arrested for putting an electronic cigarette into a baby's mouth at a restaurant.

A man was recently arrested today in a restaurant in Port Klang, Malaysia for placing an electronic cigarette device in a baby's mouth.

The Johor Bahru Utara (JBU) district police chief, Rupiah Abd Wahid, has announced that a 23-year-old man was arrested at 12:45 PM this morning at the JBU district police headquarters' criminal investigation department.

On August 6, the police received a report from the mother of a 7-month-old baby girl and subsequently made an arrest. The mother claimed that the man arrested was a friend of her sister.

According to the complainant, she and her baby were at a restaurant with her sister and the man in question when the incident occurred.

Suddenly, a man holding a baby jokingly placed an ineffective electronic cigarette in the baby's mouth, as posted on social media by the mother's sister and quickly spread.

The police have filed an investigation report and will apply for a remand order for the suspect tomorrow in order to carry out further investigations.

According to Lupia, if found guilty, the man could face a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment or a fine of 50,000 ringgit, or both.

She advised the public not to post any false comments or information and to be responsible social media users to avoid causing trouble for others.

Earlier, a 17-second video emerged showing a man inserting an e-cigarette device into the mouth of an infant he was carrying. The video appeared to depict a dangerous and reckless act of child endangerment.

The video has received criticism and reactions from various parties.


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