Moti Pop: A Fun and Colorful E-Cigarette Designed to Help You Quit Smoking

Moti Pop: A Fun and Colorful E-Cigarette Designed to Help You Quit Smoking
The new Moti Pop e-cigarette from China has a unique, slim design and produces great flavor and vapor.

Recently, VapingPost published a review on their website stating that the Chinese electronic cigarette brand, Moti Pop, has made quitting smoking an enjoyable experience with their interesting and colorful design. The product has consistently performed well and has proven to be effective.

Moti Pop is the latest product from Chinese manufacturer Moti, known for its collaboration with Vaporesso. This e-cigarette boasts a unique ultra-light and flat design that sets it apart from other products. There is no mistaking it for anything else.

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The Moti Pop is very wide, but extremely thin, with a thickness of less than 15 millimeters, making it easy to carry and use in any situation. Additionally, it can produce a lot of vapor when used with various atomizers.

Unique design.

Moti Pop is one such product that stands out in the crowd with its flat shape and small silicone chip in the base. It looks like an ice cream stick with a colorful and playful design resembling a popsicle. However, as its name suggests, like all e-cigarette products, it is intended for adult use only.

Moti Pop is packaged in individual sealed plastic packets and placed inside a completely sealed cardboard box. The box displays information on the number of puffs (800 in this example), the 2% nicotine content, flavor, and safety warnings.

On the back of the box, the disposable Moti Pop displays specifications including a 650 mAh battery capacity, 2ml e-liquid capacity, and a vaping power of 8W per puff. This power level is specifically designed for indirect inhalation, similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. This feature is beneficial for those transitioning from smoking tobacco to vaping, as the power level and compact draw are ideal. At 8W, it produces moderate vapor.

The silicone label protruding from the bottom of Moti Pop serves no practical purpose. It merely adds to the appearance of the disposable item: when one takes a puff, the LED above the label lights up and glows through the transparent label. It is possible to hold onto the Pop through this tab, but it is not very comfortable, as the tab is a bit short.

Moti Pop doesn't have a specific or prominent mouthpiece to wrap your lips around. Instead, a small hole acts as the drip tip. When you draw directly on Moti Pop, you inhale vapor. This makes it very easy to use without any settings to adjust. Once the battery dies or the e-liquid runs out, you simply dispose of Moti Pop and purchase a new one.

Using Moti Pop is a great experience. The flavor is delightful and not too sweet. It also provides reasonable vapor, as expected with 8W power. With its 650mAh battery, you can almost take 800 puffs. In our testing, we ran out of e-liquid before the battery was depleted.

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