New initiative in Berlin Aims to Curb Student E-cigarette Use

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New initiative in Berlin Aims to Curb Student E-cigarette Use
Berlin has launched a campaign targeting children aged 10-11 to prevent them from using e-cigarettes, citing health risks.

According to a report by German media outlet news4teachers on January 22nd, Berlin has recently launched a new initiative aimed at curbing students' exposure to e-cigarettes, with a particular focus on children aged between 10 and 11 years old.


Researchers have pointed out that although e-cigarettes provide a sweet taste, they may pose a health threat and therefore measures need to be taken to prevent unsupervised use.


The project, known as "Moving Forward," was first implemented in several schools in Berlin and introduced at the Charité Medical Center. The project utilizes gamified teaching methods such as experiments and innovative competitions to inspire students' interest in a smoke-free lifestyle. It also harnesses the influence of idols in sports, movies, and social media, who demonstrate through video messages.


Project coordinator Marina Jensen has announced that by mid-2025, the project plans to offer workshops to at least 1500 students in high child poverty areas of Berlin. Dr. Heiko, the medical director at Charité Medical Center, has emphasized that smoking is a leading cause of cancer, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases. He warns that although e-cigarettes may seem harmless, the nicotine content can be extremely high, equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes.


According to a study conducted by Debra, approximately 2.3% of teenagers aged 14 to 17 in the country are using e-cigarettes, while about 14.9% of them are smoking traditional cigarettes. The research also found that 12% of fifth and sixth-grade students have had experience with smoking. This study emphasizes the urgent need to address the issue of teenagers using e-cigarettes.


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