New Kent Neostick Pods with Rich Flavors Available

New Kent Neostick Pods with Rich Flavors Available
British American Tobacco Japan's glo hyper brand is launching two new pod flavors: Kent Neostick True Rich Clear and Kent Neostick True Rich Green. Each pack contains 20 pods and retails for around ¥500 (approximately $4.50 USD).

British American Tobacco Japan's subsidiary, glo hyper, is set to release two new pod products on August 29th - "Kent Neostick True Rich Clear" and "Kent Neostick True Rich Green". Each pack contains 20 pods, and they will retail at 500 Japanese yen (approximately 25 Chinese yuan) per pack.

True Rich Clear is a regular type with a vanilla aroma, while True Rich Green is a peppermint alcohol type with a musky scent.

On the left is Kent Neostick True Rich Clear, and on the right is Kent Neostick True Rich Green.


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