New York State Legislators Call for Ban on E-Cigarettes

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New York State Legislators Call for Ban on E-Cigarettes
Two New York legislators are calling for a ban on e-cigarettes in schools, citing health risks for teens.

According to an article in The Post Journal on November 7th, two lawmakers in the state of New York are urging for legislative adjustments to prohibit e-cigarettes in schools across New York.


State legislator Scott Gray has proposed a bill (A.8069) that aims to ban the use of e-cigarettes in educational institutions across the state. The legislation also calls for schools and colleges to raise awareness within the educational community about the health risks associated with e-cigarettes. Additionally, it mandates the posting of signs prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes within school premises and university campuses.


According to Gray, "e-cigarettes pose a significant threat to the health and well-being of New York state's youth. Nearly a quarter of high school students in New York State are currently using e-cigarettes.


The passing of the new bill provides legal support for the campaign against youth e-cigarette use. As part of a multi-state lawsuit settlement agreement, the state of New York has been awarded $112.7 million in compensation from e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL.


Last month, Jamestown Public Schools voted to accept a compensation of $22,481 from JUUL, following a collective lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against JUUL for engaging in deceptive marketing of its products to attract adolescent consumers.


According to reports, the compensation handed over to the school district management may be used for student anti-smoking education and the purchase of e-cigarette smoke detectors.


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