New Zealand Experts Call for Stricter Regulation of E-Cigarettes

New Zealand Experts Call for Stricter Regulation of E-Cigarettes
New Zealand public health experts support stricter regulation of e-cigarette products proposed by the Labour Party.

According to a report by New Zealand media outlet Scoop, the National Association of Public Health Experts in New Zealand, known as ATA, supports the proposal put forth by the Labour Party for stricter regulations on e-cigarette products, on the condition that the party is able to implement this proposal after being re-elected.

The policy entails:

The government has announced new regulations for e-cigarette retailers nationwide. These regulations include setting a maximum limit of 600 e-cigarette stores, requiring all retailers, including convenience stores, to obtain a license to sell e-cigarette products, imposing fines of up to NZD 15,000 on retailers who sell e-cigarette products to minors, and considering measures to reduce the visibility of e-cigarette products outside retail stores.

The American Tobacco Association (ATA) submitted a memorandum in 2022 regarding the "Smoke-Free Environment and Regulated Products (Smoking Tobacco) Amendment Act". In the memorandum, the association expressed concerns about the use of e-cigarettes among adolescents. While members recognize that this legislation aims to reduce smoking rates, they believe there is an urgent need to address the rising prevalence of e-cigarette use among teenagers. They call for restrictions on the availability of e-cigarette products to help curb their usage among this demographic.

ATA has praised the Vapefree Kid NZ group, a collective of parents who submitted a petition to parliament last week, calling for a ban on the sale of e-cigarette products in general retail stores, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and gas stations. The group also urged the enforcement of regulations to restrict the density and proximity of specialized e-cigarette retailers to schools.

ATA Chairman Martin Witt stated: Please note that there was no complete sentence provided, so I am unable to provide a full translation.

No responsible adults want to see young people using e-cigarettes. We join teenagers and parents in calling for the establishment of regulations, acknowledging that existing measures have failed to protect adolescents from the effects of aggressive marketing and highly addictive products.

Members of the ATA are eager to gain a comprehensive understanding of the policy details and are hopeful for bipartisan support for the Labour Party's plan, in order to provide politicians an opportunity for collective efforts in creating a future where all young people can break free from nicotine addiction.

According to reports, Aukati Tupeka Aotearoa (ATA) is an alliance of non-governmental, health, and academic organizations aimed at addressing the excessive presence of tobacco in communities and advocating for policies to gradually eliminate the commercial sale of tobacco.

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