Recent Institutional Investors and Analyst Reports on PMI

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Recent Institutional Investors and Analyst Reports on PMI
Duality Advisers LP buys 22,329 shares of Philip Morris International (PMI) worth approximately $2,171,000 in Q1.

According to HoldingsChannel on September 18, Duality Advisers LP purchased 22,329 shares of Philip Morris International (PMI) in the first quarter, amounting to approximately $2,171,000 in value.


Other institutional investors have also been buying and selling shares of Philip Morris International (PMI) recently. Optiver Holding B.V. acquired new shares of PMI in the fourth quarter, valued at $29,000. In addition, Stone House Investment Management LLC and BOK Financial Private Wealth Inc. purchased new shares of PMI in the first quarter, valued at $29,000 and $32,000 respectively. Lastly, FSC Wealth Advisors LLC increased its investment in Philip Morris International by 75.0% in the first quarter, adding 150 shares, bringing the total value of its holdings to $34,000.


Several analysts have recently released reports on Philip Morris International (PMI). In a research report on June 27, the 22nd Century Group reiterated their "retrace" rating on PMI stock. JPMorgan Chase Financial Group lowered their price target for Philip Morris International (PMI) from $113.00 to $111.00 and assigned a "buy" rating. Citigroup upgraded PMI from "neutral" to "buy" and raised their price target for the company from $109.00 to $117.00.


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