Rising Popularity of E-cigarette Use Among Canadian Youth

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Rising Popularity of E-cigarette Use Among Canadian Youth
According to Canadian media northernnews, the use of e-cigarettes among Canadian youth is rising while tobacco use is declining.

According to Canadian media outlet Northern News, the cigarette usage rate among young Canadians has been declining in recent years. However, the rate of e-cigarette use is on the rise. According to the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey, approximately 15% of Ontario teenagers reported using e-cigarettes, with 80% of them using e-cigarettes containing nicotine.


The initial purpose of e-cigarettes when they first entered the market was to help people quit smoking. However, their various appealing flavors, discreet design, and convenient purchasing methods have led to widespread popularity of e-cigarettes among teenagers and non-smokers.


Dr. Glenn Corneil, the acting Chief Medical Officer for the Timiskaming Health Unit in Ontario, expresses concern over the usage of e-cigarettes among teenagers.


Most e-cigarettes contain a significant amount of nicotine. Currently, the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes are still unclear, but we do know that nicotine addiction is a real concern. The use of nicotine during adolescence may pose a risk to the developing brain, as the brain continues to mature until around the age of 25.


He believes that using nicotine during adolescence can have negative effects on the parts of the brain responsible for learning, memory, attention, and concentration. Additionally, it can exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce self-control, and lead to behavioral issues.


To curb the use of e-cigarettes among adolescents, the Timiskaming Health Organization is launching the "Clean Air" campaign at the start of the new school semester. The campaign aims to educate both teenagers and parents about the risks and consequences associated with e-cigarette use, while also providing support to those who wish to quit smoking.


Currently, it is against the law to smoke e-cigarettes in schools or within a 20-meter radius of schools. This could result in students being suspended, fined $305, or even facing court proceedings, which means students and their parents/guardians would have to spend more time dealing with school and legal matters. Providing e-cigarettes or tobacco products to individuals under the age of 19 carries a fine of $490.


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