Russia Implements New Regulations on Tobacco and Nicotine Products

Russia Implements New Regulations on Tobacco and Nicotine Products
The Russian tobacco industry will now require licenses for production and distribution, including e-cigarettes, enforced by new regulatory laws.

On June 1st, the Russian State Duma passed the second and third readings of the "Regulations on the Production and Distribution of Tobacco Products and Raw Materials", which aims to strengthen the legal framework for national regulation of the production and distribution of tobacco products, nicotine products, and raw materials. The law also establishes a specialized regulatory control system for the field, including an e-cigarette licensing system.


Shenzhen 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. immediately held a policy interpretation session to assist businesses in understanding Russia's policy on electronic cigarette production and trade permits, as well as the impact of this policy on the Russian market, and to provide companies with current preparedness measures.


This law stipulates that the production and distribution of tobacco, nicotine products, and raw materials require a license. Licenses are divided into six categories including raw material production license, product production license, product import license, raw material import license, cigar production license, and duty-free shop sales license.


During the conference, Liang Jiasen, an expert in Russian e-cigarette policies and market research, provided a comprehensive analysis of the contents of licenses and offered valuable insights and experiences on the current policies' impact on Russia and the preparatory measures that companies should take next.


Jason Liang Lecture on the Russian Market and Licensing Policies | 2FIRSTS


In the future, 2FIRSTS will continue to provide accurate policy interpretation and market insights to the electronic cigarette industry, offering strong support for businesses to adapt to regulatory changes. We will maintain close cooperation with industry partners to help companies comply with the new licensing system, achieve compliant operations, and promote sustainable development of the electronic cigarette market in Russia.


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