Russian Parliament Decides to Criminalize Smuggling of E-liquid

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Russian Parliament Decides to Criminalize Smuggling of E-liquid
Russian State Duma has decided to impose criminal responsibility for smuggling e-cigarette liquid, prioritizing the protection of the younger generation's health.

According to a recent report by AIF, the Russian State Duma has decided to impose criminal liability on the act of smuggling e-cigarette liquid, following a proposal from the Economic Policy Committee of the Russian Federation Council. This measure is considered essential for safeguarding the health of the younger generation.


According to reports, the State Duma and the Federal Policy Committee have reached a consensus on cracking down on illegal operations of smuggling e-cigarettes and e-cigarette liquid. Anatoly Vyborny, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, stated that such a decision is primarily aimed at protecting the health of the younger generation.


Currently, Russia has not established criminal liability provisions for the illegal importation of e-cigarettes and their e-liquids. However, unscrupulous traders have taken advantage of this legal loophole. Anatoly Vibo has explicitly pointed out the need to swiftly crack down on illegal business activities.


The main issue with e-cigarette liquid is the presence of unidentified substances and the lack of standardized production environments. Weiborni emphasizes the need for society to condemn the act of vaping. He argues that the ideal situation would be for the harmful practice of vaping to be evaluated by society and eventually eradicated in a healthy community.


If this bill is passed, smuggling and selling counterfeit e-cigarette liquid could potentially be punished with a prison sentence ranging from 3 to 7 years.


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