Scottish Parliament Urges Government to Consider Disposable E-cigarette Ban

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Scottish Parliament Urges Government to Consider Disposable E-cigarette Ban
Scottish Parliament urges government to reconsider disposable e-cigarette ban as it may not effectively combat teenage smoking.

According to a report by the pressandjournal on January 17th, the Scottish Parliament has urged the government to carefully consider the proposed ban on disposable e-cigarettes, expressing concerns that it may not effectively address the issue of teenage smoking.


The latest expert evidence reveals a concerning upward trend in the use of nicotine vapor products (NVPs) among teenagers, with 10% of 13-year-olds projected to use e-cigarettes by 2022. This represents a significant increase compared to the 1% recorded in 2015.


The Scottish government has plans to ban disposable e-cigarettes by 2025. However, the committee has questioned whether this ban will be effective in combating the growing rates of teenage smoking. They have cited Dr. Gavin Reid, an advisor from the Scottish Public Health, who argues that without extensive measures in place, the ban may not achieve the desired results. The committee suggests that more comprehensive measures are needed to address the associated issues.


Claire Hoy, Chair of the Committee, has expressed her welcome for the consideration of banning disposable e-cigarettes, although she has doubts about whether it would be sufficient to tackle the increasing smoking rates among young people. Simultaneously, the Committee is concerned about the lack of a mechanism to combat illegal NVPs (nicotine vaping products), and it urges the government to clarify its plans for discussing cross-border issues with the UK government. They also call on the government to take measures to regulate the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry in order to avoid undermining the effectiveness of existing and future regulations.


Previously, members of the Scottish Parliament had expressed concerns about the use of e-cigarettes by children and called for the removal of e-cigarette products from public displays. As of now, the Scottish government has not made any comments on the issue.


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