SMOK Introduces Nicotine Pouch OFRF in Vaper Expo UK

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SMOK Introduces Nicotine Pouch OFRF in Vaper Expo UK
The UK emerges as third largest nicotine pouch market in Europe, with EU sales surpassing €9 billion in 2023.

Currently, the UK accounts for 10% of the global revenue from nicotine pouches, making it the third largest market in Europe after Sweden and Denmark. The EU nicotine pouch market share has exceeded 900 million euros in 2023, with the largest market share in the Nordic countries. Additionally, countries with large populations and high smoking rates such as Poland, France, and Spain are experiencing the fastest growth in nicotine pouch users.


SMOK Introduces Nicotine Pouch OFRF in Vaper Expo UK
On-site SMOK exhibit of nicotine pouches from OFRF. Image source: 2FIRSTS.


Among the 27 countries in the European Union, there are over 90 nicotine pouch brands, with physical retail accounting for 68% and online retail accounting for 32%. The total sales outlets for nicotine pouches in the EU include 104,000 physical retail points and 90 online retail points.


At the 2024 Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham, several well-known e-cigarette companies introduced nicotine pouches at the event. Among them, the popular e-cigarette brand SMOK showcased their new nicotine pouch product, OFRF.


SMOK Introduces Nicotine Pouch OFRF in Vaper Expo UK
On-site SMOK exhibits e-cigarette products. Image source: 2FIRSTS.


In April this year, keynote speaker and chief editor Robert Casinge introduced at the EVO NXT exhibition in Spain that as the market for nicotine pouches matures, large markets like Germany and the Czech Republic are also growing rapidly, while mature markets in Northern Europe are growing at a more stable pace.


Currently, there is a diverse trend in the development of nicotine pouch products, including new forms of intake such as gum and film, as well as new packaging and taste experiences.


It is expected that by 2027, the online market share will increase again with the activation of new markets and the expansion of brands in the European Union. Market research shows that the popularity of nicotine pouches is continuously rising, the number of available brands is increasing, and the participation of retailers and related businesses is also increasing. Although undeveloped markets currently do not show market activity, many markets with high smoking rates and large populations will become important markets for nicotine pouches in the future.


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