Smoore Announces FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Half the Cost

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Smoore Announces FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Half the Cost
On November 10th, Smoore announced the FEELM 2.0 disposable vape technology at the UKVIA annual forum, doubling the mouthpieces and reducing costs.

On November 10th, Smoore made an official announcement at the annual forum of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) regarding the launch of FEELM 2.0, a 2ml compliant disposable e-cigarette technology. This innovative advancement is set to double the number of puffs while reducing costs by half.

Smoore Announces FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Half the Cost
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UKVIA President John Dunne has stated that innovation is key to the development of disposable products. Looking forward to a new era of disposables, the focus will be on reliable compliant products, particularly those adhering to a 2ml liquid capacity, sustainable development, and youth protection.

Smoore Announces FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Half the Cost
Rex Zhang was invited to give a speech at the UKVIA forum. | Image source: Smoore


Rex Zhang, Senior Strategic Director at Smoore, was invited to deliver a speech at the UKVIA Forum. In response to the current hot topics of concern in the UK's regulation, media, and public, Zhang introduced the FEELM 2.0, a disposable vapor solution tailored to meet the dual needs of regulation and consumers through technological innovation. This solution offers customers compliant and delightful products.

Smoore Announces FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Half the Cost
FEELM 2.0 has won the Best Innovation Award in the industry. Image source: Smoore.


Rex Zhang stated that "in the UK, there is a commonly recognized standard of 2ml for disposable liquid dosage, however, consumers actually desire a product experience that goes beyond the current offering.


In order to gain further insights into consumer demands, Smoore has actively sought to listen to the voices of consumers in the local market in the UK. The results have revealed that increased puff count, consistent flavor, and affordability are the common expectations of consumers for the new generation of disposable products. These research findings highlight the urgency for industry innovation.


Therefore, Smoore focuses on technological innovation based on consumer demand, and through research, it has found that improving the utilization rate of the aerosol liquid will significantly increase the number of puffs. According to a report from Inter Scientific, an internationally authoritative testing institution, the utilization rate of FEELM 2.0 aerosol liquid can reach up to 77%, while mainstream products on the market only have a utilization rate of about 50%. The improvement in utilization rate of FEELM 2.0 aerosol results in over a thousand puffs. At the same time, the report shows that the difference in consistency of taste between FEELM 2.0 is only 3.0%, while the difference in consistency of taste for mainstream products on the market is as high as 46.8%. This fully demonstrates the consistent and enjoyable experience that FEELM 2.0 brings. In terms of both puff count and taste consistency, FEELM 2.0 perfectly embodies its slogan of "Double the puffs, Double the joy.


Inter Scientific CEO David Lawson stated, "Innovation under regulation is a challenging and necessary path, and FEELM 2.0 has achieved a significant improvement in efficiency, leading to an enhanced vaping experience for consumers.


FEELM 2.0, an outstanding innovation in the vaping industry, was awarded the "Best Innovation Award" at the annual awards ceremony held by UKVIA forum. The innovation award was the highest accolade of the evening and was exclusively determined through a popular vote by hundreds of guests in attendance.


The conference welcomed diverse guests from various professional backgrounds, including government regulators, terminal brands, retail channels, and industry organizations. The innovative FEELM 2.0 technology became the focal point of the event, receiving unanimous recognition from all attendees.


Smoore's introduction of the disposable vaping technology FEELM 2.0 marks the beginning of a new era for the 2mL disposable market. Smoore aims to consistently provide customers and users with superior products and experiences through technological innovation, while adhering to regulatory compliance. This commitment will continue to support the success of Smoore's customers.


Source: Smoore


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