Successful Crackdown on Smuggling: Bursa Police Seize $33,220 Worth of E-Liquid

Successful Crackdown on Smuggling: Bursa Police Seize $33,220 Worth of E-Liquid
Police in Mudanya, Turkey seized e-liquid worth about 1 million lira ($33,220) and arrested a suspect in a successful smuggling crackdown.

According to local Turkish media reports, the police in Mudanya district of Bursa city have made a successful crackdown on smuggling activities, seizing e-liquid worth approximately 1 million lira (approximately $33,220) and making an arrest of a suspect.

The operation was conducted by the Mudadnia Police Department's security division as part of their aggressive crackdown on smuggling activities. According to reports, the authorities suspected the production of e-liquid in a warehouse located beneath an apartment in the Guzeriali community. Subsequently, they launched a surprise raid.

In this operation, the police successfully seized a large number of items related to the case, including 30,000 boxes, 18,000 labels, 5,000 bags, 1,300 bottles awaiting packaging, 162 liters of glycerol, 65 liters of propylene glycol e-liquid, 2 liters of e-liquid, 4 kilograms of sweetener, 23 bottles of fennel, and 1,000 bottles filled with e-liquid. The suspect, E.Z. (35 years old), was arrested during the operation and has been sent to court after the police investigation concluded. The police estimate the total value of the seized e-liquid to be approximately 1 million lira.

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