Switzerland to Tax E-Cigarette Liquids, Particularly Nicotine Content

Switzerland to Tax E-Cigarette Liquids, Particularly Nicotine Content
Switzerland will soon introduce two new taxes on e-cigarettes to increase revenue by 13.8 million euros.

Electronic cigarettes in Switzerland will be subject to a tax on their liquid, but the form of taxation will be less harsh than that imposed on tobacco. Only nicotine will be subject to taxation. Additionally, a special tax will be levied on disposable electronic cigarettes to offset their larger environmental impact and discourage young people from purchasing them.

The Swiss Federal Council announced on October 26th that they will soon introduce two new tax measures to increase annual revenue by approximately 13.8 million euros.

The two tax measures are as follows: a tax of 20 cents per milliliter on e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine, and a flat rate of 1 euro per milliliter for disposable e-cigarettes and pre-filled pods regardless of nicotine content. Refillable e-cigarettes have a smaller environmental impact compared to disposable e-cigarettes, which need to be thrown away after use and have recently gained popularity among young people. This proves that the distinction in tax rates is justifiable.

The government has clarified that the rates for rechargeable batteries will be kept at a low level to avoid discouraging smokers who want to quit from using e-cigarettes as a possible aid. On the other hand, there will be higher taxes on disposable goods in order to generate a positive impact, especially in terms of the environment and protecting young people.


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