The Dangers of Vaping: Addiction and Health Concerns

The Dangers of Vaping: Addiction and Health Concerns
Vaping is a popular and addictive way to relieve stress, but doctors warn of potential health risks and addiction.

Richard Kinlaw, of Dab City Tobacco & Vape, stated, "It's a way to alleviate stress, and to be honest, it can be addictive and is socially acceptable.

This study is based on search terms, such as "vape" and "vape shops". Staff members at electronic cigarette shops report that it is typically young people who are turning to nicotine pods.

It is more suitable for college students," said Jin Luo.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2019, 27.5% of high school students in our state use tobacco, including e-cigarettes. A report from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) stated that the number of high school students using e-cigarettes in South Carolina increased by 21% between 2015 and 2017. Doctors, including Dr. Stephen Siben, express concern about this trend.

Seben stated, "Let's be clear. If you smoke frequently, you are an addict. You are addicted to nicotine, which is known to be the most easily addictive substance due to its long withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine withdrawal can last up to six months.

This reality led to a $438 million settlement with the manufacturer JUUL, as they were deemed responsible for causing a teenage vaping crisis. However, this fact does not seem to deter the public.

I don't think it will have a significant impact," said Jin Luo. "We are usually very busy.

Officials say that interesting flavors and ultra-thin ink cartridges are causing addiction in teenagers.

According to Kinlaw, "You won't smell the typical tobacco aroma, there are usually various flavors that are pleasant to smell.

While some people boast that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes, doctors say that it's not a good choice if you haven't started smoking.

“Dependence products, like combustible cigarettes, also carry all the other potential harms of cigarettes,” said Dr. Leeds Wessler of MUSC.

South Carolina has confirmed one death in 2019 as a result of vaping, while the national death toll as of 2020 has risen to 68. Doctors warn that even though vaping may not kill you outright, the long-term health effects are still unknown.


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