The Impact of UK's Disposable E-cigarette Market

The Impact of UK's Disposable E-cigarette Market
In 2023, UK e-cigarette legislation will change due to concerns over environmental impact and youth usage.

A change is set to occur in the UK regarding environment and sustainability possibly by 2023. This comes with the incorporation of the European Union's Tobacco Products Directive into national law, which will witness the enactment of the first major e-cigarette legislation in the country.

As the Tobacco Products Directive restricts bottle size, nicotine strength and e-cigarette tank volume, other aspects of the e-cigarette market are left to self-regulate with some areas not being foreseen.

The growth of the disposable e-cigarette market has brought about environmental issues, such as the dumping of large amounts of disposable plastic into standard landfills, as well as the loss of valuable and recyclable materials, such as lithium, in disposable batteries.

A report released last year by the UK Smoking and Health Action and Cancer Research Organisation stated that disposable e-cigarettes are now the most commonly used products among e-cigarette users, increasing from 7% in 2020 to over 52% in 2022. Concerns have been growing over the increasing popularity of disposable e-cigarettes among young people, and for the first time, nationwide data reveals the scale of this shift. The rise in e-cigarette use is concerning and requires close monitoring. However, among those under 18 who have never smoked, 92% have never used an e-cigarette and only 2% have tried it once or twice.

In addition to the parliament becoming increasingly aware of e-cigarette companies engaging in irresponsible marketing towards non-smoking minors on social media, 1.3 million disposable e-cigarette products are being discarded here every week, causing environmental damage.

Scott Butler, Executive Director of Material Focus, stated: "We need to take urgent action now and ensure that they are recycled. Disposing of e-cigarettes means we are throwing away some of the most precious materials on earth. Manufacturers and retailers need to work together to ensure that they make people aware that e-cigarettes should never be thrown away, but instead recycled.

Since entering the market, manufacturers, importers, and distributors have recognized this. Geek Bar and Elfbar are leading in the disposable product industry.

One of the final debates held in parliament before the Christmas holiday concerned the discussion of the environmental impact of disposable e-cigarettes.

Rebecca Pow, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK, informed the House of Commons that the government is aware of children being attracted to disposable e-cigarettes and plans to take action.

Although she did not provide detailed explanations on how it will prevent teenage use, she did suggest that the company will be forced to join the producer compliance scheme by 2023. This indicates that importers will be required to donate to the cleanup fund and comply with waste recycling regulations.

She said, "The rapid spread of this new form of waste is becoming a reality and a concern.

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