Shift from Disposable to Pod System in European E-cig Market

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Shift from Disposable to Pod System in European E-cig Market
European disposable e-cigarette market share is declining, prompting many companies to shift towards pod system business at Inter-Tabac exhibition.

At the Inter-Tabac tobacco exhibition in Dortmund, Germany, on September 14th, German e-cigarette distributor FEAL informed 2FIRSTS that the market share of disposable e-cigarettes in Europe is declining. At the same time, many companies are shifting their focus towards the pod system business.


专访德国经销商FEAL:欧洲一次性电子烟市场正在下行 换弹式产品业务上升

German e-cigarette distributor booth in Dortmund | Source: 2FIRSTS


FEAL sales manager Nick Schonfelder told 2FIRSTS that the company's primary market positioning is in Europe. However, due to e-liquid regulations and capacity limits in the UK, the market competition is comparatively challenging. As a result, the company has decided to focus more on the German and Austrian markets.


Nick Schonfelder, the spokesperson for the company, revealed that their most popular product is the "187 Strassenbande." Speaking about their sales strategy, he mentioned that the company plans to collaborate with well-known bands and promote their products at concerts and other events. He also emphasized that the company has chosen not to use vending machines to sell their products. 


It is worth mentioning that when asked about the declining trend of disposable e-cigarettes in the European market, Nick Schonfelder candidly stated that the decrease in market share for disposable e-cigarettes in Europe is not a trend but the current situation. 


He further explained that by 2026, Europe is expected to implement restrictions on the batteries of disposable e-cigarettes, which can be seen as a form of rejection towards them. As a result, many companies are actively preparing to transition to pod system businesses.


When asked about whether the German e-cigarette market is influential in the European e-cigarette market, Nick Schonfelde stated that the German market has its own distinct characteristics and does not have a guiding role in the European market, nor is it subject to influence from other European markets.


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