Rise of Pod System in E-cigarette Industry?

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Rise of Pod System in E-cigarette Industry?
More than half of the exhibitors at the Dortmund tobacco exhibition showcased pod systems, marking a shift in e-cigarette trends.

On September 14th, at the tobacco exhibition in Dortmund, it was observed by 2FIRSTS that over half of the exhibitors showcased pod systems. The evolution of e-cigarettes from "pod system" to "disposable" and now back to "pod system" raises the question of why such a trend has emerged.


2FIRSTS noticed that brands such as vozol, Jier, pod salt, and Wiip all showcased their disposable pod system products at the exhibition. In particular, pod salt introduced new disposable pod system products at this event.


pod salt's pod system products | Source: 2FIRSTS


Wiip, a Croatian brand, produces both disposable and pod system products, with the nicotine content of the latter being 1%. The disposable products have previously been launched in Germany. Wiip has brought its pod system products to the Dortmund Tobacco Expo to find new customers. Although the products have not been officially released yet, there has been significant interest from potential users at the event.


Wiip Exhibition Area | Source: 2FIRSTS


At the exhibition, 2FIRSTS found out that the average price of disposable e-cigarette products is around 10 euros, while the pod ones are priced at two 10 euros. The latter offers better value for money. The increased taxation has led to a rise in the selling price of disposable e-cigarettes, and as a result, consumers are likely to opt for the more cost-effective pod products due to the price factor.


Several brands anticipate that the prices of disposable e-cigarettes will decrease in the future. Meanwhile, some retailers have reported receiving numerous inquiries from consumers about the availability of pod system products. Thus, if such products are introduced to the market, there is expected to be ample demand.


On the scene, a dealer believes that due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection among people, the frequent disposal of disposable products has led consumers to opt for pod alternatives. The pod system products will also undergo updates and iterations, so this is not a regression in the e-cigarette industry.


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