Turkish Authorities Seize 350 Illegal e-Cigarettes Worth 245k TL

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Turkish Authorities Seize 350 Illegal e-Cigarettes Worth 245k TL
Turkish authorities successfully raided an illegal e-cigarette warehouse, seizing 350 e-cigarettes worth 245,000 Turkish lira in Ankara province.

According to a report by CNNTurk, a joint operation between the Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Unit of the Gendarmerie Command in Ankara Province (KOM) and the Temmelli Gendarmerie Outpost has successfully dismantled a warehouse involved in the illegal sale of e-cigarettes. The operation resulted in the seizure of 350 illegal e-cigarettes with a market value of 245,000 Turkish lira.


The cooperation between the Counter-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department of the Gendarmerie Command of Ankara Province (KOM) and the Temeli Gendarmerie Outpost in Turkey has yielded significant results. A warehouse suspected of illegal e-cigarette sales has become the target of a joint operation near Maliköy Mahallesi in the Sincan district. This collaborative action was initiated after a thorough investigation into the warehouse, with the aim of eradicating the potential e-cigarette smuggling network.


After careful planning and tracking, law enforcement officers successfully seized a large quantity of illegal e-cigarettes worth 245,000 Turkish lira in this operation. Not only did the officers successfully confiscate a significant amount of illegal e-cigarettes, but they also apprehended a suspect involved in the illegal sale of e-cigarettes.


According to relevant legal provisions, criminal proceedings have been initiated against the suspect to hold them accountable for their unlawful actions.


It is worth noting that the packaging of the seized items in this operation was marked with the branding of the e-cigarette company VOZOL.


In recent years, the global popularity of e-cigarettes has raised a series of regulatory and compliance issues. Turkey's recent action sends a clear signal to society that it will adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards illegal e-cigarette sales.


In a recent incident, law enforcement officials in Istanbul, Turkey seized 43,200 units of e-cigarettes, setting a new record in the country for the number of e-cigarettes illegally smuggled. The market value of these e-cigarettes is estimated to be around 25 million Turkish liras (equivalent to approximately 6.67 million Chinese yuan), according to investigations.

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