VPZ plans to open 10 new vape shops in UK.

VPZ plans to open 10 new vape shops in UK.
VPZ plans to open another 10 stores by year-end and urges UK government for stricter control of e-cigarette sales.

The largest electronic cigarette retailer in the UK, VPZ, has revealed plans to open 10 more stores before the end of the year. Additionally, the company is urging the British government to implement stricter controls and licenses for the sale of electronic cigarette products.

VPZ plans to expand its operations to 160 sites across England and Scotland, including London and Glasgow.

VPZ plans to open a further 10 branches (VPZ/PA) (PA Media)

British government officials are continuing to promote electronic cigarettes, with only the Department of Public Health claiming that e-cigarettes are "equivalent in risk to smoking". However, according to the Smoking and Health Action study released last month, research shows a sharp rise in underage e-cigarette usage over the past five years.

The VPZ company is set to open 10 new retail locations as part of its expansion plan.

Doug Mutter, Director of VPZ, stated, "As the UK's leading electronic cigarette experts, we are taking a leading role in combating the number one killer in America - smoking. Our plan to open 10 new stores and launch a mobile e-cigarette clinic is a 100% response to our ambitious goal of reaching out to more smokers nationwide and helping them take their first step towards quitting smoking.

However, the boss stated that the industry can be improved and called for stricter scrutiny of those selling the products. Mr. Mutter said, "Currently, we are facing challenges in the industry, as many unregulated imported disposable e-cigarette products are easily accessible from local convenience stores, supermarkets, and other regular retailers, with many buyers not being checked for age or eligibility to purchase.

We urge the British government to take action now and follow the best practices of countries like New Zealand where flavored e-cigarette products can only be sold from licensed e-cigarette shops, with consultation targeted towards adult smokers and vapers. VPZ also supports imposing hefty fines on those who violate these regulations.


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