10 Tips for Safe E-Cigarette Use in Summer

10 Tips for Safe E-Cigarette Use in Summer
Keep your e-cigarette safe in hot weather, just like other battery-powered devices, to prevent overheating.

If you are an electronic cigarette user, you may need to take some precautions as you enjoy the sunshine this week. Don't worry, this is not one of those panic articles about how electronic cigarettes will kill you. It's just a practical suggestion. After all, the NHS recommends using electronic cigarettes as a method to quit smoking.

As with all battery-operated electrical devices, electronic cigarettes perform poorly in extreme heat or direct sunlight, which is something to be aware of.

The first issue is quite obvious: metal heats up in the sunlight, so it shouldn't be left in high temperatures for too long and should be handled with care to avoid burning your hands. However, this is not the main concern to worry about.

The truth is, most e-cigarettes contain lithium batteries that are not particularly safe when exposed to extreme heat or sunlight. This is also true for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and digital cameras. It is not recommended to leave any of these devices exposed to sunlight, and the same goes for e-cigarettes. While the batteries in all of these devices are generally safe to use, at times they can become a problem.

Another scenario to be aware of is extreme heat. This means that you should not leave your electronic cigarette in a very hot place, and it's very important to remember that you shouldn't leave it inside your car. The same rules that apply to dogs or children should also apply to your electronic cigarette - although the reasons for this are slightly different, the importance is still the same.

We have all experienced the sudden opening of a car door and immediately recoiled from the high temperatures inside. The car is essentially a large metal box and the heat that can build up inside may be too much for the lithium batteries in e-cigarettes to safely function.

If exposed to temperatures exceeding 40ºC, batteries may overheat and potentially catch fire. Although unlikely, it's best not to test this. The same applies to leaving them in direct sunlight, such as on a table in a beer garden. As one might expect, exposure to direct sunlight can cause the device to heat up, leading to similar issues.

When at the beach, it is best not to place it at the bottom of a stuffy beach bag or buried in sand, as it can also become too hot. Instead, consider placing it in a shaded area or in your pocket. Remember to remove it before swimming, as it is also not advisable to use it in water.

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