Topson, Parent Company of ELUX, Celebrating 20th Anniversary and Targeting Top 100 Global

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Topson, Parent Company of ELUX, Celebrating 20th Anniversary and Targeting Top 100 Global
Topson, the parent company of renowned e-cigarette brand ELUX, held its 20th anniversary celebration in Shenzhen and unveiled new products.

On November 23, well-known e-cigarette brand ELUX's parent company, Dongguan Topson Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Topson"), held a 20th-anniversary celebration in Shenzhen and unveiled their latest product.


Topson, Parent Company of ELUX, Celebrating 20th Anniversary and Targeting Top 100 Global
20th Anniversary Celebration of Topson | Image Source: 2FIRSTS


Channel partners from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines were invited to participate in this event, with 2FIRSTS present as the invited media. At the event venue, Tan Zhenghui, the Chairman of Topson, provided a detailed introduction of the company's development journey and social responsibilities.


Path of Entrepreneurship: Venturing into E-cigarette Industry from 3C Sector


Tan Zhenghui introduced that the company was founded in Shenzhen in 2003 and successfully expanded into the international market in 2007. The company focuses on the consumer electronics sector, offering a range of products including headphones, data cables, and card readers.


In order to make better use of its human resource advantage, we expanded and relocated to Huangjiang in Dongguan in 2011, initiating a new chapter of development.


In 2013, Tan Zhenghui established Topson, a company specializing in the e-cigarette business. He stated that e-cigarettes, as fast-moving consumer goods, have a wide target audience and high stickiness. At the same time, Topson into chip solution companies has provided a unique advantage for the company's e-cigarette business development. Against this backdrop, the expansion began a transition from being a production outsourcing factory to a company that integrates production and branding.


Topson, Parent Company of ELUX, Celebrating 20th Anniversary and Targeting Top 100 Global
20th Anniversary Celebration, Chairman Tan Zhenghui delivers a speech on-site | Image Source: 2FIRSTS


Road to Success: Establishing Two Prominent Brands, Investing in Leading E-liquid Factory


Tan Zhenghui, recognizing the potential of the e-cigarette market, made a pivotal decision: to abandon the consumer electronics business the company had been operating for the past decade and focus on the e-cigarette sector. Reflecting on this decision, Tan Zhenghui recalled, "We willingly gave up all the accumulation of the past ten years. Despite facing several setbacks and enduring some impact, I did not give up because I firmly believed that only by wholeheartedly committing to the identified endeavor could we achieve our goals."


In order to further expand into the international market, Topson set up two major brands in 2017 - ELUX and FIREROSE. Tan Zhenghui stated that both brands have achieved a certain level of recognition internationally. According to him, ELUX's e-cigarettes have been sold in over 30 countries and regions worldwide, gaining recognition from consumers and distributors around the world.


Tang Zhenghui expressed at the celebration that the company's pride lies in the investment in Hongfu E-liquid (also known as Dongguan Hongfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.). According to him, 30% to 40% of the global e-liquid comes from Hongfu E-liquid. Additionally, Tang Zhenghui stated that for a business, future development is essential and requires a strategic plan on a global scale. As a result, the company has already begun the construction of production bases in Indonesia, Algeria, and Russia, aiming to establish production bases in Europe and North America in the future. This is intended to effectively integrate regional resources and meet market demands in different areas more efficiently.


Social Responsibility: Collaborating with Environmental Protection Companies to Support Vape Recycling Project


In terms of environmental protection, Tan Zhenghui mentioned that the company is collaborating with UK environmental company Green Wing on an eco-friendly project for e-cigarettes, set to launch in 2022. He emphasized that the partnership with Green Wing is a significant initiative to expand the company's efforts in this area. He hopes that through this collaboration, Green Wing will become a benchmark in the environmental field and its success will be promoted globally.


Topson, Parent Company of ELUX, Celebrating 20th Anniversary and Targeting Top 100 Global
Tan Zhenghui introduces the ELUX recycling bin project to the guests | Image source: 2FIRSTS


According to reports, the company has obtained waste recycling, transportation, and export licenses in the United Kingdom, as well as a garbage import license in Indonesia. Additionally, the company has invested in the construction of an e-cigarette recycling plant in Indonesia, with the ability to recycle and reuse discarded e-cigarette batteries and plastics.


Tan Zhenghui stated that Topson will continue to make efforts to contribute to the environmental protection cause, and also hopes to inspire more e-cigarette practitioners to join the environmental action.


Topson, Parent Company of ELUX, Celebrating 20th Anniversary and Targeting Top 100 Global
Photo of award ceremony at the 20th anniversary celebration of Topson | Image source: 2FIRSTS


Finally, Tan Zhenghui expressed his expectations for the company's future, hoping to achieve greater success in global enterprises and make more contributions to the development of the e-cigarette industry. He also hoped that ELUX could occupy a place among the top 100 companies in the world in the future.



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