Alaska Legislation Update: Tobacco and Marijuana Laws Changed

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Alaska Legislation Update: Tobacco and Marijuana Laws Changed
Alaska passes bills to raise smoking age and adjust marijuana taxes, sparking debate among lawmakers.

According to a recent report by MSN, the state of Alaska in the United States recently passed a series of bills, including the SB 89 bill related to e-cigarettes and marijuana products.


In order to curb teenage smoking, members of the House of Representatives passed the SB 89 bill on Tuesday (14th), which will align state laws with federal laws by raising the minimum age to purchase, sell, or possess tobacco and e-cigarette products from 19 to 21 years old.


This move has sparked opposition from Republican Congressman Will Stapp.


Soldiers are told they can join the war at the age of 19, but they are not allowed to smoke. How can this be?


The bill initially proposed a 25% sales tax on e-cigarette products, but this provision is not currently being enforced on related e-cigarette products. This has led to frustration for Democratic Representative Andy Josephson.


I am surprised that there is no intention to tax e-cigarettes. We tax tobacco.


In addition, Republican lawmaker Jesse Sumner's marijuana tax bill HB 119 has been attached to SB 89.


House Bill 119 was passed in the House last week. The bill reduces the tax currently imposed on growers who sell their marijuana to retail dispensaries from $50 per ounce to $12.50 per ounce. This tax will be completely eliminated on January 1, 2025, at which point a 7% sales tax will be imposed on anyone purchasing products from marijuana dispensaries.


Some lawmakers suggest that combining these two bills may be an attempt by members of the House of Representatives to expedite the process of passing both bills before the deadline on Wednesday, the 15th.


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