Analysis of European E-Cigarette Market Trends by 2FIRSTS

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Analysis of European E-Cigarette Market Trends by 2FIRSTS
2FIRSTS analyzes the European e-cigarette market trends in taste, brand, appearance, and more, based on official data.

Recently, 2FIRSTS conducted an in-depth analysis of the European electronic cigarette market based on official information from important logistics hubs. The analysis covered aspects such as flavor, company, brand, e-liquid, and appearance. With a multi-dimensional perspective, the study aimed to provide insights into the future trends of the European electronic cigarette market.


According to official data, there were a total of 319 new electronic cigarette products introduced in Europe in March. Of these, disposable electronic cigarettes made up over 85%, while refillable e-liquid vape pens and vape kits accounted for 9.6% and 7.2% respectively.


According to the "incremental data," 2FIRSTS conducted a deep analysis of the trends of new brands and companies in the European disposable e-cigarette market from a "brand" perspective. The data results indicate that since March, Belgium's whitelist has added 7 new companies and 27 brands, including YOOZ, Blu Bar (an Imperial Tobacco disposable e-cigarette brand), and ICE.


2FIRSTS欧洲电子烟市场调研:3月新增27个品牌 包括YOOZ、Blu Bar、ICE等

New company and subsidiary brand updates | Source: exclusively by 2FIRSTS

2FIRSTS欧洲电子烟市场调研:3月新增27个品牌 包括YOOZ、Blu Bar、ICE等

Newly-added brands | Source: Exclusively by 2FIRSTS


2FIRSTS will continue to report on research and analysis of the electronic cigarette market in Europe. Stay tuned for updates.


This article's data and images were compiled by 2FIRSTS based on Belgium's published e-cigarette whitelist. Belgium is an important logistics hub in Europe, with Brussels Airport being a key departure point for Chinese e-cigarette exports. Additionally, Belgium, along with Luxembourg and the Netherlands, has established the Benelux free trade area, which allows for goods to freely circulate within the region. Belgium requires all imported and manufactured products to be registered and listed on the "whitelist" six months prior to being released for sale. This list is published by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FPS Public Health) in Belgium.


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