Analysis of European E-Cigarette Market Appearance Trends

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Analysis of European E-Cigarette Market Appearance Trends
2FIRSTS analyzes the European e-cigarette market from multiple perspectives, focusing on appearance and color trends.

Recently, 2FIRSTS conducted a in-depth analysis on the European e-cigarette market, including its flavors, companies, brands, e-liquids, and appearance, based on information released by a key logistics hub in Europe. By utilizing multiple perspectives, the study aimed to provide insights on the future trends of the European e-cigarette market.


This article provides an analysis of electronic cigarettes from the perspective of their appearance. The data indicates that the most commonly used colors for electronic cigarette aesthetics in Europe are black, blue, and red.


A chart depicting the commonly used color combinations of electronic cigarettes in Europe, sourced by 2FIRSTS, shows that in their data from March and April, blue continues to have the largest proportion, while green and pink both increased by over 4.2%. They now make up around 25% of newly added products, displaying significant growth. Rainbow colors have also emerged as a new trend, experiencing a growth of 3.5% this month.


Exclusive: Europe's e-cigarette color chart for March sees an increase in variety. Image source: 2FIRSTS


2FIRSTS will continue to report on research and analysis on the European e-cigarette market. Stay tuned for updates.


The data and images in this article were compiled by 2FIRSTS based on Belgium's published e-cigarette white list. Belgium is a major logistics hub in Europe, with its Brussels airport serving as an important gateway for Chinese e-cigarette exports. Additionally, Belgium has a free trade area called Benelux with neighboring countries Luxembourg and the Netherlands, allowing for free movement of goods within the trade zone. Belgium requires all imported or manufactured products to be registered and listed on its "white list" six months prior to market launch. This white list is published by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FPS Public Health) of Belgium.


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