BAT Vuse Go 800 Dominates Korean E-cigarette Market

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BAT Vuse Go 800 Dominates Korean E-cigarette Market
BAT's e-cigarette "Vuse Go 800" is rapidly dominating the market in South Korea, expanding its sales network to 30,000 stores.

According to a report from the Korean Culture Daily on January 18th, the e-liquide-cigarette "Vuse Go 800" launched by British American Tobacco (BAT) is rapidly gaining market share in the e-cigarette industry in South Korea. Its sales network is continuously expanding and has now reached Seoul, as well as over 30,000 convenience stores and e-cigarette shops.


This closed-system e-cigarette was first launched in South Korea in July of last year and further expanded its product line in September by introducing four new flavors, including "Purple Breeze," "Green Spark," "Ice Fresh," and "Summer Fresh," specifically for the Seoul region.


British American Tobacco has announced its intention to establish a leading e-cigarette brand in South Korea, with the "Vuse Go 800" as its flagship product. The company emphasized its commitment to strengthening its non-combustible product portfolio and offering more diverse options to the mature smoking population in South Korea.


A spokesperson for a British-American tobacco company stated, "Despite its limited release in certain regions, the sales of 'Vuse Go 800' have exceeded our initial expectations." He further disclosed that the company is rapidly responding to meet consumer demands and has plans to diversify its product line.


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