Counterfeit Disposable E-Cigarettes Flood UK Market

Counterfeit Disposable E-Cigarettes Flood UK Market
Chinese e-cigarette brand ELFBAR warns of fake disposable products flooding UK markets, calling for regulations and retailer accountability.

Recently, a survey conducted by Chinese disposable e-cigarette brand ELFBAR revealed that a batch of counterfeit disposable e-cigarette products are flooding the UK market. The source of the image is Vaporvoice.

Since June 2021, ELFBAR has conducted a campaign to combat counterfeiting. More than 120 manufacturers, including factories, warehouses, logistics companies, and foreign trade companies, have been targeted and raided. Over 2 million counterfeit ELFBAR products, as well as millions of packaging boxes, anti-counterfeiting codes, and half-finished smoking pipes and accessories, have been seized.

Victor Xiao, CEO of ELFBAR, stated that the criminals behind these counterfeit products have no concern for product safety or consumer health, and will stop at nothing to maximize their profits. While it may be difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products based solely on appearance, retailers can scan codes on the packaging to verify authenticity.

The General Secretary of the UK Vaping Industry Association, John Dunne, has warned that counterfeit electronic cigarettes pose a significant risk to the global reputation of the e-cigarette industry. Dunne has called for the introduction of a retail licensing scheme in the UK to prevent the sale of illegal products and to impose fines of at least £10,000 on retailers found to be breaking the law. He has also urged Chinese authorities to take strong action against those responsible for producing and selling counterfeit e-cigarettes to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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