Dinner Lady's Factory Fire: Firefighters Control the Blaze in Three Days

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Dinner Lady's Factory Fire: Firefighters Control the Blaze in Three Days
Firefighters took three days to control the fire at the Dinner Lady e-cigarette factory in Shadsworth, Lancashire.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, the e-cigarette brand Dinner Lady experienced a fire in their factory located at Shadsworth Business Park in September. It took firefighting personnel three days to bring the fire under control. The official investigation report revealed that the fire was classified as an accidental incident, with the cause attributed to a defective light fixture in the warehouse.


Around 50 firefighters and specialized units were involved in the firefighting operation in the entire county, taking a total of three days to fully bring the fire under control. Witnesses reported that the fire rapidly spread throughout the warehouse, leading security personnel from the affected factory to guide people away from the accident area.


Jon Charters, Deputy Chief Officer of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, stated that "ten fire engines were called to deal with a fire at Dinner Lady Ltd, located in Blackburn's Shadsworth Industrial Park. The blaze involved a large warehouse measuring approximately 58 meters by 25 meters and standing two floors high.


Firefighters used several fire hoses, an aerial ladder truck, and a fire water tower to control the blaze," Chartes added. Due to the need for extensive resources at the scene of the accident, multiple routes in the vicinity were blocked off, and the fire department continued to investigate the source of the fire and carry out post-incident tasks for three consecutive days.


The company spokesperson later stated:


After a fire broke out at Dinner Lady's UK production line, we want to assure all our customers that our business operations are running smoothly. Most importantly, no one was injured in the fire, as all our employees are safe, thanks to the efforts of our headquarters team and the local fire and emergency response teams.


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