E-cigarette Waste Recycling Pilot Program in Western Australia

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E-cigarette Waste Recycling Pilot Program in Western Australia
A trial e-cigarette waste recycling program is underway in Western Australia's City of Stirling, supported by a $50,000 grant.

According to a report by Australian media outlet PerthNow on January 18th, the city of Sterling in Western Australia is currently conducting a pilot program for e-cigarette waste recycling. The program has received support from waste management authorities, who have allocated $50,000 in funding to support this research.


The study was initiated at the Balka Recycling Center in November last year and is planned to run for six months or until funds are depleted. The recycling facility is specifically designed to cater to e-cigarette users, offering a safe disposal solution for their lithium batteries.


The spokesman for the municipal government stated that the purpose of this research is to gather data on the types and quantities of e-cigarettes, in order to understand the opportunities and challenges in improving recycling, management, and the possibility of e-cigarette disposal. E-cigarettes are a tricky and hazardous waste, containing embedded lithium batteries and harmful substances. This study provides researchers with the opportunity to test long-term recycling methods.


A spokesperson noted, "This research will provide crucial information to local governments regarding the handling of e-cigarette waste, understanding their composition, and the recycling pathways for each component. This information will be used to guide advocacy efforts by local governments and the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) for an e-cigarette product management scheme. The scheme entails that manufacturers of e-cigarettes/vaporizers will bear the costs associated with recycling these products and provide convenient recycling methods for consumers."


At present, the Australian government has no plans to continue the operation of collection points after the research period ends. 2FIRSTS will continue to follow up and track the pilot program for recycling e-cigarette waste in Australia.


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