FDA Takes Civil Penalty Lawsuits Against 25 US Retailers for Illegally Selling Unapproved Vapes

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FDA Takes Civil Penalty Lawsuits Against 25 US Retailers for Illegally Selling Unapproved Vapes
FDA fines 25 US retailers and online shops for illegally selling unapproved e-cigarette products, targeting youth-favored brand ELFBAR.

According to an announcement made by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 5th, the FDA has filed civil monetary penalty (CMP) lawsuits against 25 physical stores and online retailers in the United States. These retailers have been illegally selling e-cigarette products that have not yet obtained FDA approval.


The FDA had previously issued warning letters to each retailer, urging them to cease the sale of unauthorized tobacco products. However, subsequent inspections revealed that these retailers failed to rectify their non-compliant behavior, resulting in the imposition of these civil fines by the FDA.


According to the 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey data, e-cigarette products are especially popular among young people. The survey revealed that ELFBAR is the most frequently used brand of e-cigarettes among middle and high school students, with a usage rate as high as 56.7%.


Lawsuits demand that a maximum fine of $19,192 be imposed on each retailer for a single violation. Retailers have the option to either pay the fine, reach a settlement agreement based on mitigating factors, request an extension to respond to the lawsuit, or submit a reply and request a court hearing. Failure to take any action within 30 days of receiving the lawsuit may result in a default judgment requiring the retailer to bear the full amount of the fine.


As of today, a total of 67 lawsuits have been filed against retailers for selling unauthorized e-cigarettes. In September and November, the FDA initiated similar monetary requests for civil money penalties (CMP) against 42 physical retail establishments in 18 states for selling unauthorized products.


This operation encompasses retailers from 14 states, marking the first time cases have been brought against online retailers.


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