Impending Tax Policy Change Threatens E-cigarette Retailers

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Impending Tax Policy Change Threatens E-cigarette Retailers
E-cigarette retailers face price hikes as the government plans to announce new taxation policies, according to betterretailing.

According to a report by betterretailing on January 12, e-cigarette retailers are facing price increases in the coming months due to the government's planned announcement of a new tax policy.


According to The Mirror, the cost of e-cigarettes could increase by at least a quarter, with specific plans set to be officially announced in the budget on March 6th. This move comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak revealed a plan to tackle teenage smoking. Proposed measures include imposing a tobacco ban targeted at the younger generation and limiting the flavors and appearance of e-cigarettes to reduce their appeal to children.


In response to concerns over the environment and underage smoking, the government has initiated a consultation process, which includes discussions on whether to increase the price of e-cigarettes to "reduce the number of young people using e-cigarettes." The government's response to the consultation is expected to be released in the near future.


Meanwhile, some well-known brands like Elfbar and Lost Mary have taken action by removing certain "dessert" flavors from their product lines. According to a spokesperson from Elfbar, this renaming and flavor elimination measure is aimed at curbing the appeal of e-cigarettes to children.


Overall, the report highlights the government's determination in addressing issues of youth smoking and environmental protection, while also reflecting that some brands have already started proactively adjusting their products to adapt to potential new regulations.


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