KRTL Holding Group teams up for cannabis extraction breakthrough.

KRTL Holding Group teams up for cannabis extraction breakthrough.
KRTL Holding Group is a leader in the development of cross-industry products, specializing in cannabis and alternative health.

KRTL Holding Group, Inc. (KRTL) is an innovator and pioneer in developing leading cross-products within the cannabis and alternative health industries with proprietary technology and methods. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, KRTL Biotech, has entered into a strategic alliance to exclusively deploy the most advanced mobile extraction equipment in collaboration with Entexs Corporation, a leading cannabis extraction manufacturer in the United States, focused on advanced closed-loop solutions and first-class THC remediation technology. KRTL has also joined forces with Iron Sight Industries, an established agricultural technology and logistics company, to bring their industry-leading expertise in rapid deployment of mobile systems based on US military special operations to the table. KRTL has played a significant role in the oil fracking industry in South Dakota, as well as in specialized cannabis and cannabis science lab testing and commercial extraction across state lines.

KRTL and Entexs have jointly developed a closed-loop extraction system that can process up to 2,000 pounds of biomass per day, solving a key issue that has made mobile extraction platforms commercially unviable. This system is designed specifically for remote and off-grid environments, with a self-sustaining power source, on-site cleaning system, and remote operation through mobile applications and digital interfaces.

KRTL has collaborated with Entexs and Iron Sight to deploy a disruptive technology specifically developed for KRTL, expanding its business reach in the US. KRTL is able to create unique approaches across interdisciplinary teams as a proprietary end product, and connect it with its extensive network of distributors, resulting in incredible revenue potential. This strategic fusion sets KRTL apart in the market, combining the compliance, banking, and legal expertise of KRTL's nationally operated public company with Iron Sight's military-trained rapid deployment team's operational efficiency and physical security, as well as Entexs' rugged and high-throughput mobile system.

KRTL is expected to finalize early deployment contracts in New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and California, with more to follow. The advantage of the KRTL model is their ability to quickly move to areas with the highest demand. Since THC products based on marijuana cannot legally cross state lines, KRTL can enter these areas directly to produce distilled THC and isolates as final products, which they can then wholesale within the state or further refine into high-concentration/efficacy vape cartridges. This also allows them to quickly respond to and capitalize on new regulatory markets as they go live, positioning themselves as one of the first inter-state extraction solutions as recreational marijuana becomes more legalized and brings demand for marijuana-based extractions into the market.

According to KRTL, each extraction unit is expected to produce over 8,500 liters of medium-spectrum or broad-spectrum THC extract per year at full capacity. This is equivalent to approximately 8,500,000 grams of high-concentration retail vape formula, generating over $200 million in annual sales.

We are very excited about this opportunity. Typically, it takes 12-18 months to establish a physical extraction laboratory once all funding and suppliers are in place, and it is limited to a specific geographic area. If there is an exhaustion of demand or supply lines in that area, as we have seen in markets in Oregon and California, the cost of maintaining increased stakeholder risk could be significant. By creating a solution and method to quickly insert legal marijuana and marijuana production from remote legalized states, we significantly reduce stakeholder risk and maximize revenue potential.

Mr. Ball added, "For many years, I've worked with numerous extraction manufacturers, including some of the top names in the distillation and terpene extraction industries. I'm highly impressed by the precision engineering and cutting-edge functionality that Entexs has integrated into their product line. Typically, it's a disjointed, multi-step process beginning with extracting biomass into crude, then transferring that crude into separate isolation processes such as winterization or distillation, or multiple containers and physical separation stations. All of this is combined into one seamless, push-button closed-loop system from start to finish, resulting in biomass on one end and high-quality fractionated oil on the other.

Emil Bayan, the COO of Entexs, stated that they have been researching mobile prototypes, but when Daniel approached them seeking a partnership, they saw an opportunity to provide their first production unit exclusively for KRTL's operations. Bayan also added that their closed-loop technology for traditional fixed equipment has already revolutionized the cannabis and extraction industries, and they are excited to bring the same disruptive spirit to the design of KRTL's inaugural solution.


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