KT&G Donates $90,000 to Love Meal Sharing Event

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KT&G Donates $90,000 to Love Meal Sharing Event
KT&G donates $90,000 to charity for "Love Meal Sharing" campaign; employees volunteer at free meal sites.

According to Asiae's report on February 20th, KT&G has donated approximately 120 million Korean won (around 90,000 US dollars) to the Korea Welfare Society for the "Love Sharing Meals" campaign.


At the donation ceremony, Lee Sang-Hak, head of KT&G's sustainable management team, along with other colleagues and employees from KT&G, attended the event and took commemorative photos.


This donation comes from the charity fund "Imagination Fund" formed voluntarily by employees of KT&G. The fund was established by KT&G in 2011 and is a highly innovative community grant fund. Each month, employees voluntarily donate a certain amount of money from their salaries, and the company then matches that amount, using a "matching donation" method to establish the fund. This fund has been used to support marginalized communities in South Korea and other countries, as well as to address urgent social issues.


On the day before the donation, employees of KT&G and volunteers went to a free meal location near Seoul and served meals. KT&G has planned to regularly provide meal costs to organizations serving vulnerable groups such as "Warm Filler" and "The House of Mother in Daegu" in the coming year. In addition, employees of KT&G will also participate in meal service activities every month.


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