KT&G Holds Year-End Sharing Event to Help Neighbors in Need

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KT&G Holds Year-End Sharing Event to Help Neighbors in Need
KT&G holds its annual year-end sharing event, donating over 800 million Korean won worth of goods to those in need.

According to a report by South Korean news outlet ENews Today on December 13, KT&G is organizing a nationwide year-end sharing event worth approximately 800 million Korean won to assist needy neighbors in coping with the cold winter.


On one hand, starting from November, KT&G has launched the "Year-end Kimchi Sharing Event" at various locations such as "KT&G Imagine Planet" in Seoul's western district, "KT&G Imagine Square Chuncheon·Busan," as well as its factories and regional sales headquarters nationwide. This event aims to provide marginalized communities with a donation of 400 million KRW worth (approximately 40 tons) of stored kimchi.


In addition, the company is also conducting coal donations and winter supplies donations for energy-poor households in the winter. KT&G, through its employee participation in the charitable event called "Coal Run", converted the distance covered by employees into donated coal, resulting in a total donation of 400 million Korean won worth of winter essentials to impoverished residents in the community.


Employees of KT&G distributed coal directly to energy impoverished households in Baesha Village in Seoul, a neighborhood with a significant Korean-Chinese population. Additionally, on the 6th of this month, they provided heating equipment to approximately 70 underprivileged families at the "KT&G Imagination Square Longshan" venue.


Representatives from KT&G stated: "We conduct an annual year-end donation campaign to bring warmth to our neighbors facing difficulties during the winter season."


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