Manitoba Plans to Increase E-Cigarette Taxes in 2022

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Manitoba Plans to Increase E-Cigarette Taxes in 2022
Manitoba plans to increase e-cigarette taxes next year to curb its use, following other Canadian provinces' lead.

According to a report by Winnipeg Sun, a Canadian news agency, Manitoba province is planning to increase taxation on e-cigarette products next year as a measure to deter their usage, particularly among the youth.


The government of Manitoba is planning to double the current federal sales tax in the spring budget, with the aim of implementing the tax increase around July 1.


Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew states:


The e-cigarette tax is a way for us to convey the dangers of smoking, particularly to young people, but also to all Manitobans. This is yet another step in Manitoba's alignment with other provinces.


He disclosed that it is expected that the consumption tax will generate 11 million Canadian dollars (approximately 6 million RMB) in revenue for local governments throughout the year, and this money will aid in funding anti-smoking and anti-e-cigarette projects.


The Canadian federal government implemented new taxes in the autumn of 2022, and some provinces have also introduced their own taxes. Saskatchewan announced in 2021 that it would impose a 20% provincial tax. Last month, Ontario announced that it would double the federal sales tax, and Manitoba is also planning to do the same.


After the merger, manufacturers and importers will be required to pay 2 Canadian dollars for every 10 milliliters of aerosol, after the first 10 milliliters, which will cost 2 Canadian dollars for every 2 milliliters.


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