Morocco Raises Tax on Shisha and E-Cigarettes

Morocco Raises Tax on Shisha and E-Cigarettes
Morocco increases taxes on hookah and e-cigarettes, with consumers paying up to $63/kg of tobacco and 40% import tariffs.

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The Moroccan Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has raised taxes on shisha and electronic cigarettes. Consumers will now have to pay 675 dirhams ($63) per kilogram of shisha tobacco. Import tariffs for electronic cigarettes and e-liquids will increase from 2.5% to 40%.

E-cigarette vendors in the Casablanca Maarif region are expressing shock over the government's decision to increase taxes. They believe that this move will have a huge impact on the future of Moroccan e-cigarettes. From an economic perspective, it will make it more difficult to sell the products, as they will become a luxury item for some consumers. Additionally, due to increased tariffs and taxes, the cost of a single vape will increase by 300 dirhams (24 US dollars).

According to Moroccan officials, the increase in taxes and tariffs is "aimed at protecting consumers, especially the health of young people, and protecting them from the negative effects of consuming and depending on these products.


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