PMI Japan Launches "IQOS Recycle" to Recycle Devices

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PMI Japan Launches "IQOS Recycle" to Recycle Devices
PMI Japan has launched a new program called "IQOS Recycling" on August 31st to collect and recycle unused IQOS devices.

PMI Japan Corporation has launched a new project called "IQOS Recycle" on August 31st, with the aim of collecting and properly disposing of IQOS devices that are no longer in use.


The IQOS Recycling Program is a collaboration between PMI Japan and TerraCycle Japan. Users can simply drop their unused IQOS devices into designated collection bins at the nearest IQOS store to participate in this recycling initiative.


According to reports, the collection points for recycling are set up at six IQOS exclusive stores across the country, namely in Sapporo, Ginza, Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. The targeted products for recycling include various models of IQOS devices, including chargers, cables, and other original IQOS accessories. Depending on the quantity of devices collected, corresponding TerraCycle points will be awarded.


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