Poland: 30% of Young Consumers Use Disposable E-cigarettes at Home

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Poland: 30% of Young Consumers Use Disposable E-cigarettes at Home
Polish media Tygodnikpowszechny reports only 10% of 'smokers' use traditional cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes dominate the market targeting young consumers.

Recently, according to Polish media Tygodnikpowszechny, only about 10% of smokers are using traditional cigarettes. Disposable e-cigarettes have emerged as the dominant market player, with their advertising targeting young consumers.


One third of people attribute this behavior primarily to stress relief. They are typically alone, surrounded by a strong-smelling smoke or haze released by either a traditional cigarette or an e-cigarette.


Another study indirectly confirmed this point: nearly 30% of young people use e-cigarettes at home. This may be because they have no other choice, or because their parents may not have entered the "teenage realm," or even because e-cigarettes do not have the same smell as traditional cigarettes, so they may be unaware of it.


Experts uncover that all smoking behaviors are closely related to a chain of risks, including lung diseases, acute and chronic conditions, respiratory system dysfunction, shortened lifespan, and increased risk of cancer.


Currently, the Ministry of Health has declared that the sale of disposable e-cigarettes will be banned. However, child psychiatry consultant Dr. Anna Lewandowska pointed out that a single ban can only block, not guide, and the underlying issues still need to be addressed directly. Furthermore, if we do not start openly discussing, addressing, and preventing these issues, we may find that teenagers are starting to choose other products instead of simply obeying the ban on e-cigarettes.


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