Proposal to Regulate and Restrict E-cigarette Sales in Spain

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Proposal to Regulate and Restrict E-cigarette Sales in Spain
The Spanish Association Against Cancer has urged the government to regulate e-cigarettes to protect children and teenagers.

According to a report by Spanish radio station EFE on January 16, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) has made a request to the government, urging them to include e-cigarettes in tobacco regulations and restrict related commercial activities in order to better protect children and adolescents from being exposed to tobacco products through e-cigarettes.


AECC, the Association of Electronic Cigarette and Tobacco Heating Products, has made a request following the government cabinet's approval to regulate traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco products on an equal footing and ban flavored tobacco products. In a statement, the association described this as a "necessary step" but also emphasized that several measures are yet to be implemented, including the regulation of e-cigarettes and the widespread establishment of smoke-free areas.


The announcement emphasizes the crucial need for regulatory control over the sale of e-cigarette products, as highlighted by the recent Espudes investigation conducted by the Ministry of Health, which revealed deeply concerning trends in their usage.


The President of AECC, Ramon Reyes, held a meeting with Queen Letizia to discuss the issue of e-cigarettes. Reyes stated that the government's decision to regulate traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco equally is "very positive" and encouraged the government to take further steps to reform the 2010 tobacco law.


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