Quality Inspection of E-Cigarette Products in Shenzhen in 2023

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Quality Inspection of E-Cigarette Products in Shenzhen in 2023
Shenzhen Tobacco Monopoly Bureau conducted a quality supervision inspection on e-cigarette products in the second half of 2023.

In the second half of 2023, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Shenzhen organized quality inspections on e-cigarette products in our city. A total of 7 e-cigarette companies were inspected, involving 7 brands consisting of 9 sets of e-cigarette products (including 6 smoking devices and 9 pod products) as well as 1 disposable e-cigarette product.


According to relevant requirements such as the "e-cigarette" national mandatory standard (GB 41700-2022) and the "2023 second-half Shenzhen e-cigarette product quality supervision and inspection plan," this random inspection focused on 12 safety indicators of e-cigarette products, including anti-filling, anti-leakage, start protection, waterproofing, drop strength, aerosol nicotine, aerosol 2,3-butanedione, aerosol heavy metals, aerosol arsenic, e-cigarette aerosol nicotine release, e-cigarette aerosol carbonyl compound release, and aerosol additives. The inspection results showed that all the 12 safety indicators of the products inspected met the requirements of the "e-cigarette" national mandatory standard (GB 41700-2022).


Notice hereby given.


Shenzhen Tobacco Monopoly Bureau


December 26, 2023


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