Second illegal tobacco haul found in Shirebrook, UK.

Second illegal tobacco haul found in Shirebrook, UK.
Shirebrook police in the UK found illegal tobacco and e-cigarettes in their second raid within weeks.

For the second time in a matter of weeks, police in Shirebrook, UK, have seized a significant amount of illegal tobacco during a raid.

A spokesperson for the safer communities team of Derbyshire Police stated, "A repeat search was conducted at the same location and despite efforts to prevent illegal activities, they still occurred. We once again cooperated with trading standards, who seized nearly 5,000 illegal cigarettes and a significant amount of illicit tobacco. They also discovered and seized 100 non-compliant e-cigarettes.

The police have stated that "these types of cigarettes pose a fire risk and significant health hazards, and may even be more toxic than genuine brand-name cigarettes, as they often contain poisonous carcinogenic chemicals such as arsenic and lead.

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